How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft?

How Many Music Discs Are In Minecraft

Music Disc is a tool that is used to listen to music/ songs in Minecraft. It is a very rare item. It is heard only by the player and their nearby players. There are a total of 14 different types of music discs in Minecraft. Different types of music discs are found in different biomes.

You need a jukebox to play a music disc. The names of various disc types are waiting, 13, cat, pig, step 11, ward, blocks, chirp, far, mail, otherwise, mellohi, stal, and stard.

They can be obtained by killing a creeper with a skeleton or stray. The skeleton or stray should draw an arrow toward the direction of a creeper, thus killing it. The creeper will drop the music disc it was having.

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