How Does Pi Cryptocurrency Work?

How Does Pi Cryptocurrency Work

How Does Pi Cryptocurrency Work?

The pi crypto is not based particularly on one blockchain. It does not have a value of its own and can be mined using the Pi app; after signing up, you can mine Pi cryptocurrency. Mining of Pi cryptocurrency is done by using the Pi network. This Pi network uses a simple consensus method; instead of relying on methods like Proof-of-Work, it uses a peer validation process.

It is a fact that pi coin doesn’t work. At present, it works only like the number present on the phone. The pi coin cannot be traded; the second thing is that it holds no value. Currently, users are not given such facilities to move the asset or withdraw it from the app, as there is no wallet yet. Though, its application will be formed into a wallet after launching the mainnet.

Once the coin is listed, and the main net is launched, it will gain more attention from the users and will have high value in the market.

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