How Do You Make A Bed In Minecraft?

How Do You Make A Bed In Minecraft

A bed in Minecraft allows you to reset your spawn point and even skip a night. Here’s how you can make a bed in Minecraft:

  • Collect 3 pieces of wool: You can either cut wool from the sheep or kill it to collect wool. You can also combine four pieces of string which are dropped by a spider to collect wool.
  • All the 3 pieces should be of the same colour.
  • If they’re not of the same color, use a dyeing agent.
  • Collect 3 planks: Cutting a tree will give you logs. Cutting each log will give you 4 planks.
  • Then create a crafting table using 4 planks. It has 3×3 blocks.
  • Place these 3 pieces of wool and 3 planks horizontally in each row of crafting table.
  • Combine these to make a bed.
  • A bed of the color of your wool will be created.
  • Then move it to your inventory to be able to use it.

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