How Do You Know Which NFT To Buy?

How to Determine What NFTs to Buy

How Do You Know Which NFT To Buy?

You must check out these things before you plan to buy NFT:

Unique properties of NFT: NFTs also exist in the form of collections; you should find which one you want to buy.

For example, in the collection of NFTs, there are different types of avatars; you must check their rarity and which one is more valuable. So, find its different properties and which is best for purchasing.

Seller verification: Social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram and marketplace like OpenSea have a blue verification tick next to their account name. It proves that they can be trusted.

So, it would be best to verify these things about the Seller. You can also verify by checking out the Seller, followers, and verification tick on social media platforms. Other ways are that you can check their page’s sale stats.

NFT liquidity and Market Volume: You must know that NFTs don’t have the same liquidity as crypto coins. You can’t liquidate an NFT into traditional currency as you can do easily with cryptocurrency.

This is one of the problems faced by people in investing in NFTs. You can increase liquidity by fractionalizing NFT.

Price Performance of the Seller’s other NFTs: If you want to confirm that it is worth investing in buying NFTs, you must check the performance of the other NFTs of the Seller. You can check previous sales and find out at what prices their prices are selling.


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