How Do I Start A Web3 Business?

How Do I Start A Web3 Business?

These are some ideas for establishing or investing in Web 3.0 Business:

• Finance: Using blockchain, Web 3.0 allows consumers to use their credits. The new business model is called DeFi, which is based on decentralization. It encourages people to invest in stable coins, which provide them with some percentage of incentive interest. Examples of Web3 Finance Business are Celsius and Compound Finance.

• Social Media: As Web 3.0 is based on decentralized protocol, so it creates space for doing business on social media. This is just because of blockchain technology; there is strong integration between the network, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

• NFTs: The most emerging digital assets in the market. NFTs consist of digital art in paintings, music, and many more. In the NFT world, you can create NFTs and sell them in the marketplace. Even you can buy NFT and can sell at a high price. By NFTs, you can earn huge profits.

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