How Do I Create A Web 3.0 Website?

How to Create & Build Your First Web3 Website For Free

How Do I Create A Web 3.0 Website?

To create a Web 3.0 website, you have to follow all these steps:

Purchase an NFT domain: This process is chargeable, which means you have to pay a fee to get a domain. You can purchase domains with .zil, .crypto, .coin, .wallet and .nft extensions.

Mint the domain for free: Now it’s time to mint the domain on the polygon network for free, without paying any gas fee.

Build your Web3 website: After completing the above processes, it’s time to build a decentralized Web3 website. There are options available: use a preset template to create a website, upload the website to IPFS or redirect to the existing website. You can use any method to build your web 3.0 website.

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