What Are The Best Resources To Learn NFTs?

What is the best way to learn about NFTs?

What Are The Best NFT Resources?

Free online courses: To clear your basic concepts about the growing markets of NFTs, there are many free courses available on the internet. It helps in gaining lots of information about NFT. Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Crypto.com are the ones that give you short free courses.

YouTube: There are a vast number of videos present on YouTube, which you can access freely and learn a lot about the NFT’s background.

Some popular youtube channels you must check for great quality NFTs guide and content are Coin Market Cap, Crypto Tech, and Data Slayer.

Books: There is a list of some books that you must read to gain complete knowledge about NFTs:

NFT & CryptoArt by Daniel L Bray
• NFTs For Beginners by Oliver J
• The NFT Revolution 2021 by Crypto Dukedom
• NFT Investing For Beginners.
• The NFT handbook by Nathan Real

Googling: It is one of the best mediums if you want to solve any queries about NFTs. By using this Search Engine, you can find more and more information. 

If you’re a beginner, then please go through this video on NFTs For Beginners in 45 minutes by Gary Vee

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