Wolf kills cattle in Colorado's first known wolf depredation incident in 70 years, says wildlife agency

Colorado's first known wolf depredation incident in 70 years has occurred on a domestic calf in Jackson County, near Walden, the home of one of Colorado's wolf packs, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) and Colorado Cattlemen's Association. Jackson County is in the north-central portion of the state.
"An approximately 500 lbs. purebred replacement heifer was found dead after being attacked and eaten by this pack of wolves," said Colorado Cattlemen's Association in a news release. "In early 2021, Colorado Parks and Wildlife confirmed the existence of this pack in north-central Colorado; however, individual wolves have been sighted in the area previous to the pack confirmation." According to CPW, a district wildlife manager received a report just after 9 a.m. on Sunday of a dead calf on a ranch in Jackson County.
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