Why power is so attractive to those who least deserve it

In his new book "Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How it Changes Us," political scientist Brian Klaas explores what science, history and philosophy can teach us about power, and how his findings relate to current events. As part of his research, Klaas spoke with a range of people who wielded their power with controversial and sometimes catastrophic results. In visits with notable figures, ranging from American politicians to former officials of the Rajneesh cult, Klaas reveals the ways people use their authority when their actions can affect people's lives in the gravest ways.
His book is a relevant one, and his exploration of the power dynamics that arise on homeowners association boards will resonate with anyone who has encountered a minor Machiavelli. These experiences prove Klaas' idea that any sort of power can be intoxicating, and lead those who hold it to take greater risks with less concern for others. Klaas, who lives and works in London, spoke to me about his book via video. The discussion was edited for length and clarity.
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