What 'Succession' got right about 2021

"You're so merry," says Tom Wambsgans in the "Too Much Birthday" episode of "Succession," the television series that depicts the desperately unhappy lives of a media mogul family. "You seem much happier than me, Greg," Tom complains to his relative-by-marriage, who's exulting over landing a date. Cousin Greg comes across as clueless in the show on HBO (which, like CNN, is owned by WarnerMedia), until he periodically reveals his inner sage.
He really is happy, Greg admits -- "I like her" -- and then advises: "It's not a finite pie; we can both be happy." In 2021, happiness has too often seemed like a "finite pie." The year began with an attack on the US Capitol and ended with surges of Covid-19 in a pandemic that refuses to release its hold on us. In our last weekly opinion column before the new year, we're focusing on the points of view that were most popular with you -- and with the team at CNN Opinion -- this year. (We're taking a break next week and returning on January 2.)
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