'We have got a problem here': Low morale and redistricting hand Democrats a growing retirement issue

There is a growing sense of gloom among Democrats in the House. And every week or so, when another Democratic member of Congress announces they won't run for reelection in 2022, the mood inside the caucus worsens. Morale in the House is already markedly low, but as Democrats look ahead to what could become a trying midterm election cycle, the overwhelming belief is that the wave of retirements has yet to crash.
That was captured on Monday when two Democratic members announced they would not seek reelection in November. First was Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy, who announced she would not seek reelection after three terms in the House. She stated that her time in office was both "the honor of my life" and "incredibly challenging for my family and me," but her decision comes as the Republican-led legislature in Florida has taken interest in redrawing the district she represents, a move that would have made it harder for the Democrat to hold onto the Orlando-area seat.
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