Walmart sued for allegedly dumping over a million hazardous items a year

California filed a lawsuit against Walmart Monday for allegedly disposing of hazardous waste at a rate of "more than one million items each year," the state's Department of Justice announced. The lawsuit alleges Walmart has illegally dumped 159,600 pounds of hazardous waste a year in landfills in the state that aren't equipped to handle the materials, including lithium batteries, pesticides and cleaning supplies, according to the complaint.
The complaint also alleges Walmart has been breaking California environmental law for the past six years. When toxic waste is in landfills, it can make its way into drinking water or into the air. Walmart said in a statement emailed to CNN Business that it intends to defend itself against the lawsuit, which it called "unjustified." According to California's complaint, Walmart also allegedly dumped "confidential customer information."
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