This moment is Biden's biggest leadership test yet

It's starting to feel like March 2020 all over again. In New York City, news of rising infection rates, canceled Broadway performances, restaurant closures and a shift to online learning, carries a harrowing reminder of the pandemic's early days. Long lines have once again formed outside testing centers. Anecdotally, it seems many people in New York know at least one person who has tested positive in the last few days. The Covid variants are packing a major punch. In many parts of the country, we are witnessing a frightening surge of Covid-19 as we close out the year, with ominous signs from countries such as Denmark and the United Kingdom, which are seeing the exponential growth of Omicron.
Nearly two years into the pandemic, people are feeling an increasing sense of frustration and despair as the goal of controlling the novel coronavirus remains out of reach. This moment is the biggest leadership test President Joe Biden has faced thus far. Having campaigned on the promise of tackling our public health crisis in more effective and efficient ways than his predecessor, Biden now needs to step up. While there are certain things Biden cannot control, there are a few areas where it is imperative to show strong presidential leadership.
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