The tourist attractions you can't visit in 2022

While many of the world's most popular tourist destinations are expected to reopen to travelers in 2022, there are still some places that will be off-limits. Some of these iconic spots are undergoing construction or upgrades that will make them even better when they do reopen, while others are doing the tourism equivalent of sailing off into the sunset for good. Don't worry, though -- we have backup plans and alternative options for all of these places.
United States Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Washington, DC) This popular museum in the US capital is in the midst of a massive seven-year renovation where "all 23 exhibitions will be completely reimagined, with new presentation spaces and attractions." Some of this work has been done while tourists were visiting, but the museum will close for at least six months in 2022 to enter the next phase of the transformation. By the time the work is complete, there will be space for some 1,400 new objects.
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