The Democratic retirement floodgates just burst open

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy announced Monday that she will not seek a fourth term in Congress, the latest in a rapid series of retirements within the Democratic ranks that suggest momentum is moving heavily against the party as it seeks to hold on to its razor-thin majority next November. Murphy's decision came less than 24 hours after New Jersey Rep. Albio Sires said he would be retiring at the end of this Congress. And, just before the Sires' news, California Rep. Alan Lowenthal said he, too, would be stepping aside.
All together, there are now 22 Democrats retiring or running for other offices this election cycle as opposed to just 11 Republicans doing the same. Two years ago, just nine Democrats had announced their retirement plans at this point of the election while 24 Republicans had done the same, according to CNN's political unit. While there will always be some amount of attrition in a chamber as large as the House, the "who" is leaving should worry Democrats.
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