Sports aren't playing offense on Covid

Covid-19 isn't "back" -- because it never left the arena. Kyrie Irving isn't back, because, well, just as soon as the Brooklyn Nets front office decided that maybe it was, after all, OK for him to be an unvaccinated part-time member of a team that plays in a city that requires vaccination, he went into NBA health and safety protocols alongside nine of his teammates. Kevin Durant is one of those teammates, telling The Athletic that he had, once again, contracted the virus.
In March 2020, Durant, of course, was one of the very first athletes in the United States to test positive. Back then, we learned a lot about this novel coronavirus through the lens of sport. We studied how it spread after some 40,000 soccer fans from the small city of Bergamo, Italy, screamed their heads off -- and sent thousands of respiratory droplets into the crowded air -- as their beloved team made its debut in the Champions League. The 200,000 cases in Northern Italy that soon followed demonstrated to scientists, who dubbed that soccer match a "biological bomb," a great deal of what they needed to know.
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