Some school librarians fed up with book bans are organizing and fighting back

Carolyn Foote was shocked and angry when hundreds of books about race, equality or sexuality in Texas school libraries were targeted by Republican lawmakers. She and other librarians focused on making their collections more reflective of the increasingly diverse community and their work was now under threat. Over the past several weeks, the retired school librarian in Austin, Texas -- along with three other library professionals -- has been spearheading a grassroots effort known as #FReadom. Their goal is to fight back against the wave of book challenges in the state and create a space for school librarians to help each other.
"We wanted to make a statement that we are out here and that we are willing to speak up for our students, for authors and for the books that our students deserve to have access to," Foote told CNN. This year, parents and community members across Texas and even some state lawmakers have accused educators of exposing children to books that contain pornography or other obscene content. A number of school officials launched in-depth reviews of their book collections and some have said the process "to make library selections has failed." School librarians are at the center of this debate and many are worried they might lose their jobs or even face criminal charges.
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