Rwanda keeps the peace in Mozambique. Why?

When rebels attacked her village in northern Mozambique last December, Safia Shawal and her three sons fled into the bush, beating a path through remote plantations in search of safety. By the time the family staggered into a camp for displaced people five days later, Ms. Shawal had had to leave behind the body of her 5-year-old son, Assane. He was one more victim of an increasingly brutal insurgency that had trapped residents of Mozambique’s far north between rebels and the national army.
Earlier this year though, the situation suddenly changed. Town by town, rebel-held areas were liberated, and returning residents cheered the soldiers who had arrived so unexpectedly. The troops turning the situation around did not belong to any of the superpowers that have so often stepped in to restore order in their former African colonies. Instead, they came mostly from Rwanda, a tiny East African nation with big – and, critics say, suspect – peacekeeping goals.
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