Realme’s Upcoming Smartwatch Could Come with Body Testing, ECG Monitoring Features

According to a recent report by Fonearena, the Realme Fit app is currently listed on the Google Play Store, and the description says that it is “a companion app for the smart bracelet TechLife Watch S100.” Now, although Realme has launched the Dizo Watch under its TechLife brand, the company has not launched any smartwatch with the said moniker. Furthermore, digging into the Realme Fit APK revealed an interesting image titled “body testing”, which showcases a user placing two of their fingers on a fitness-band-like wearable. Furthermore, another image within the app shows images of ECG testing. Although details are vague at the moment, the new images hint at a new feature that could allow users to measure their body composition or perform an ECG test using the upcoming TechLife Watch.
Now, measuring body vitals or performing ECG tests using a smartwatch is not a new feature, per se. Apple introduced ECG testing with its Apple Watch Series 4 back in 2019. This year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 with a new BioActive sensor that allows the device to measure the blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and perform ECG tests of users. So, if Realme releases a smartwatch model with an ECG-testing feature, the company will be competing with the big guns in the industry. However, we expect the Chinese brand to offer the device at a way lower price than Apple or Samsung’s offerings as Realme is aiming to launch its smartwatch under its budget-focused TechLife line.
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