Papa Johns' new crust is inspired by a city known for its pizza

Papa Johns is tossing up a New York-inspired pizza nationwide. Beginning December 27, the chain is rolling out its take on a New York-style pizza that features "eight oversized, foldable slices with just the right balance of crust and toppings." The city's pizzas are known to be bigger than average with a less dough-y crust compared to their counterparts.
The 16-inch pizza's thin crust is key to its foldability, Papa Johns said. "The crust made with our signature, six-ingredient dough and delicious toppings is what truly sets our NY Style pizza apart and offers pizza-lovers a new way to experience this East Coast staple, no matter where they live or how they choose to enjoy it," Scott Rodriguez, the company's senior vice president of menu strategy and product innovation, said in a press release. The New York-style pizza costs $13 for a one-topping version, and will be available until March 13, 2022.
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