'Lord of the Rings' has always been beloved. The pandemic reminded us just how great it is

They weren't meant to be heroes. Frodo Baggins, his steadfast companion Samwise Gamgee and their accidental journey-mates, jejune cousins Merry and Pippin, could have been content living out their days in the Shire with their fellow hobbits, feasting and smoking in pastoral comfort. But when a mission that would determine the fate of their little world and the much wider one was foisted upon them, they heeded the call.
They journeyed through the most treacherous terrains of Middle-earth for years on the word of a wizard. They joined a band of bellicose strangers who'd become their brothers. They looked evil in the eye more than once. They made dangerous mistakes and witnessed innumerable tragedies. They persevered and ultimately made good on their promise, returning home, forever changed by what they'd seen and done "Lord of the Rings" is the story of unlikely heroes who rise to the occasion, who give up the joys of first and second breakfasts to do what's right. Theirs is a world of hobbits and elves and orcs and Ents and the Nazgûl and humans who do terrible and beautiful things.
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