Loosen up stiff winter posture with these 5 stretches

For many of us, the cold winter weather is something to dread. Winter means more layers, trying to stay warm when outside, and often stiffness in the upper body. The cold weather makes us more prone to hunching forward, which can lead to poor posture and tightness in the shoulders and back. That's why it's so important to stay on top of our stretching and yoga routines during the winter season and acknowledge when our bodies need attention.
Spending time in lower temperatures, research has shown, is associated with an increase in evolving neck and back pain. The hunched position we often resort to in the cold isn't comfortable for our shoulders and back, being mindful of that fact when the cold weather arrives can help you address it before the aches set in. If you're already starting to feel stiffness in the neck, back and shoulders, it may be time to take action with a simple yet comprehensive yoga routine. Yoga has been shown to improve back and neck pain when performed with care and an attention to detail. Plus, yoga may help calm your nerves during the sometimes stressful holiday season, making it the perfect winter workout.
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