How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

Imagine the darkest biome in Minecraft. Dangerous mob sounds fill the environment. And then, you hear boiling lava, which is present on every single turn. Does it sound scary? What we are talking about here is not just one of the Minecraft biomes. It’s a whole new dimension called the Nether in Minecraft, and there are no water or food sources in this dimension. But all that worry is for another time. Today, we will learn how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft to help you teleport into this dimension. There are many methods to make it, but we will focus on the most beginner-friendly one. You can expect this method to work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions. But just because it’s easy, it doesn’t have to be quick. So, let’s not waste a moment more and learn how to make a Nether portal in Minecraft.

Like with any other recipe in Minecraft, the process will begin by collecting the essential items first. We will focus on how to get the items first, before moving on to the actual building process. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

A Nether Portal is a rectangular gateway-like structure made out of obsidian blocks. It’s our only way to reach the Nether dimension of survival Minecraft. It’s a scary and dangerous dimension of the game that has its own mobs, biomes, and loot. Players can go there to collect resources, defeat mobs, or for materials to build their tools and structures.

The Nether portal is one of the two main portals in Minecraft. The second one is an End Portal, which teleports us to the End dimension. But you will have to visit the Nether first to make an End portal work because of its special requirements. So, a Nether portal is one of the key structures you must learn to build in Minecraft.

Activating a Nether portal links our overworld dimension to the Nether dimension. It works simply by creating another Nether portal in the Nether dimension. You can make multiple portals in a small area (up to 128 blocks), and they will all link to the same spawn location in the other dimension. It is true for both the Nether and the overworld.

Though, do keep in mind that the Nether realm is 1/8 the size of the overworld in most versions of the game. So, traveling a single block in this dimension is equivalent to traveling 8 blocks in the overworld. Many players use this fact to travel quicker in Minecraft. But as you can guess, it involves creating a lot of Nether portals. So, let’s continue to learn more about it.

The smallest possible size for a Nether portal is 4 × 5 blocks. It means it has to be at least 5 blocks tall and 4 blocks wide to function. Meanwhile, the average largest Nether portal on all modern versions of Minecraft can be 23 blocks high and 23 blocks wide. Though, you can create multiple portals edge to edge to give an illusion of a supersize Nether portal (shown below).

The primary ingredient you need to build a Nether portal is Obsidian blocks. They aren’t as hard to come across if you mine deep enough in the game. What is stopping you is the fact that you can only obtain Obsidian with a diamond pickaxe and a bucket. Let’s figure out how to craft them first.

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