Group of Haitian migrants sue Biden administration over poor treatment

A group of Haitian migrants is suing the Biden administration over its treatment of migrants, recounting in detail squalid conditions at a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas, this year and confrontations with officers on horseback, according to a lawsuit filed Monday. In September, an influx of migrants -- primarily Haitian -- caught the Biden administration flatfooted, resulting in thousands amassing under the Del Rio International Bridge waiting to claim asylum. During that time, images of Border Patrol agents on horseback aggressively confronting migrants drew swift condemnation from advocates, lawmakers, and senior administration officials who pledged to investigate the incident.
Monday's lawsuit provides first-hand accounts from migrants who had been in the encampment and had been confronted by Border Patrol, with one plaintiff saying she was "terrorized by officers on horseback." Mirard Joseph, a plaintiff in the case, said he watched his family suffer from hunger and dehydration while waiting at the makeshift camp under the Del Rio International Bridge in September. He decided to cross into Mexico to buy food and water, but upon returning, he encountered a mounted officer.
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