'Going back in time:' How should the media cover the Omicron variant?

On Reliable Sources Sunday, CNN's chief media correspondent Brian Stelter emphasized the unknowns of the Omicron variant — and how the media must adjust its coverage. "The more unknowns there are the more humble we must be," Stelter said. "The more careful journalists must be." CNN announced overnight it is shutting down its offices for non-essential employees in light of rising cases. The Washington Post reimposed a mask mandate and SNL slimmed down its live show last night.
"All these daily, hourly, even minute by minute headlines about Covid making us feel like we're heading back in time, when in fact we are not," Stelter said. Katherine Wu, a staff writer for The Atlantic, said the US is vastly underprepared for a new variant. It's an infectious virus she said, and there are warning signs. Even among those vaccinated, elderly and immunocompromised people are at risk. "We do have to find a middle ground between catastrophizing all post vaccination infections," Wu said. Stelter asked if Americans with booster shots will have to "suffer" again.
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