From 6.2 million international visitors to 45. Thanks, 2021

Omicron is sweeping through Europe. The United States is preparing for full-throttle winter holiday travel. And Australia and the Caribbean island-nation of St. Kitts and Nevis are relaxing visitor restrictions. Here are the newest developments in travel this week. Omicron's spreading as the holidays near This is definitely NOT what we asked for from Santa.
Omicron is set to be Europe's dominant coronavirus variant by early 2022, and the United States may not be far behind. It's already the dominant strain in London, with the UK facing an Omicron "tidal wave." All this as the holidays approach. In the United States, holiday travel is set to reach almost prepandemic levels, with 109 million Americans expected to be on the move. We've got some expert advice for safer, smoother travels. And please, be kind to your flight attendants -- with disruptive passenger incidents massively on the rise, they're going through a lot right now.
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