Forecast: 'White Christmas' or 'Hawaiian Christmas Day'

It is supposed to be the Christmas we all get back together with our families, and if you are one of the estimated 109 million Americans taking to the sky or highway to return home for Christmas week, it should be mostly hassle-free. A few travel woes are expected this week on each end of the country, but for many travelers, weather will not get in your way.
As for Christmas, Santa will likely be dawning his red striped Bermuda shorts with a matching red sweatshirt that ironically says, "Ho ho ho." Santa -- if you are reading this -- you can email me and tell me if I am wrong about your clothing choice. Also, like most do, you can choose to #blameJudson for the weather instead of putting me on your naughty list. This meteorologist thinks getting coal for Christmas is a little extra grinchy considering the whole 'climate crisis' thing. A tropical-like storm will cause delays.
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