CNN's Poppy Harlow shares a simple apple crisp recipe passed down from her mother

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow has got an apple crisp that will make your kitchen smell so good you'll want to eat the crisp and the kitchen. "It's one of those scents that when you walk by, it stops you in your tracks," said the CNN Newsroom anchor. The recipe came from a family friend in northern Minnesota. Harlow grew up making the crisp with her mother, Mary Harlow, eventually graduating from apple-peeling duties to baking it on her own.
Now, her 3- and 5-year-old children, Luca and Sienna, are the assistants in the kitchen. "It was nostalgic because my mom taught me and I taught them," Harlow said. Luca and Sienna's duties include dumping the brown sugar, and occasionally, Harlow said Luca will grab a stick of butter and eat a huge chunk.
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