California school system is sending every student and staff member home with a Covid-19 antigen test for the holidays

With the Omicron variant spreading quickly across the US, several school districts are sending Covid-19 antigen tests home for the holidays to help curb a spike when they return to school in January. The school systems include Marin County Schools in California, Chicago Public Schools, several cities in Massachusetts, and San Diego Unified School District. Home tests are business as usual for Marin County California
For Marin County Schools in California, at-home tests are nothing new for their teachers and students, Superintendent Mary Jane Burke told CNN. The school system has used the tests during the year and over Thanksgiving, but since they were in short supply, they were only used for those who were symptomatic -- a problem they intended to fix for the winter break. "It's been good for us as a strategy, so then it makes everyone feel comfortable, and you get the information right away as opposed to waiting for a PCR test, where people are out of school, and our goal has been to keep kids in school," Burke said.
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