Budget Christmas 101: Pandemic hardships don't mean the holidays are canceled

The holidays are often a time when financial goals are in opposition with showing people love in the grandest of ways. Reining in holiday spending could be the absolute last thing people want to do, but during pandemic-related financial struggles, scaling back is a necessity. At this point of the pandemic, America's job market is recovering, meaning there are still some people on the mend and maybe sitting out this holiday season. But there are ways to celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank.
"People really have to keep it in perspective," said Tawra Kellam, one of the bloggers behind the blog Living On a Dime to Grow Rich. "It's about celebrating with family. It's about taking time off work and having fun together. And even doing little things for Christmas can make it special." With the following tips on how to enjoy Christmas decorations, gifts, meals and activities for little to no cost, this Christmas can be undoubtedly unique but rich with meaning and joy. The main concepts are seeing what you have with new eyes, thinking outside the box and learning how to find the best deals. The safest way to shop this year is still online. But if you do need to go out, planning where you need to go, going in one trip and wearing masks is best.
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