Are you ready for your close-up? Hallmark cards now come with video greetings

Hallmark is famous for putting its customers' feelings into words, but the message inside the company's new video greeting cards comes straight from the sender. The service lets users upload personal videos made by family members, friends or anyone else they choose to invite, then Hallmark edits them together with music and graphics. "It just makes for something that's unforgettable," says Krista Masilionis, Hallmark's global innovation director. "We've been around for 110 years. I want us to be around for another 110 more, so we've got to be there as the way people are connecting changes, and digital is how they're doing it."
The Greeting Card Association says the tradition of exchanging messages of goodwill goes back to ancient civilization. These days, more consumers are getting accustomed to connecting on camera, especially since the start of COVID-19. Banking on that trend, Hallmark is the biggest brand yet to start packaging video greetings for a price – $4.99 for the digital-only version that can be shared by text or email. For a dollar more, the sender can choose a traditional paper card that arrives by mail with a code inside for the recipient to scan with a smartphone to watch the greeting. Either way, the final product expires in six months but can be downloaded for keeps.
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