Americans are less willing to take precautions as the coronavirus wears on

The fight against the coronavirus has entered a new stage with the emergence of the omicron variant. As it spreads, cases are rising in much of the United States. This new stage comes at a time when the public seems to be worn out by the virus and is less likely to want mandatory restrictions or want to take voluntary precautions that could help to stop the spread of the virus.
Take a look at a recent Monmouth University poll that asked how people felt about the coronavirus. Six in 10 Americans say they feel at least a little bit worn about how the virus has impacted their daily lives. And unlike with a lot of other emotions and actions revolving around the coronavirus, there is no partisan split around feeling at least a little worn out. Republicans come in at 64% and Democrats at 63%. This exhaustion with the virus might be part of the reason why people are simply less likely to make major changes to their everyday lives. The pe​​rcentage of Americans who feel safe to carry on their lives largely in the same way they did before the pandemic is up from 36% in a CNN/SSRS poll completed in early September to 45% in a new CNN poll released this month.
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