America is running out of candy canes

Orders have been pouring into Andrew Schuman's candy cane business this year, but business has been anything but sweet. "We have had to turn away business this year. I wouldn't say that it is 30% of the overall business, but we certain probably had to turn away 10% of the business," said Schuman, chief executive officer of Hammond's, based in Denver, Colorado, who added that they've been struggling to keep up with demand.
Candy makers, like retailers and farmers, have been slammed during the pandemic with high commodity prices, labor shortages, and transportation and supply chain snarls, preventing them from fully cashing in on the holiday season. For more than a century, Hammond's Candies has twisted and packed up the classic Christmas treat for tiny gift shops and massive grocers alike. It is the largest wholesale supplier of U.S. handmade candy canes.
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