'All Her Little Secrets' asks whether we can reinvent ourselves

Wanda M. Morris' All Her Little Secrets is a carefully constructed thriller wrapped in a narrative about racism, gentrification, and being the only Black person in an all-white environment. It's also a story about how we can move away from home and try to change who we are, but we're almost always unable to escape the past.
Ellice Littlejohn grew up with her mom and younger brother Sam in the small town of Chillicothe, Georgia. Her father abandoned her pregnant mother, they were poor, her brother was always getting in trouble, her mom had a drinking problem, and Ellice got pregnant as a teenager. Despite all that, she managed to turn her life around by moving away to go to Coventry Academy in Virginia — and then getting a law degree from Yale. Now, she has a high-paying job in Atlanta as a corporate attorney at Houghton Transportation Company.
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