A shot at gold, a swearing in, and a tech get-together are all thwarted by omicron

Cities across the globe are in the grip of a renewed COVID-19 crisis, as the omicron variant triggers new coronavirus case spikes that many hoped were in the past. In the U.S. the alarming surge in infections is prompting city leaders, heads of companies, and even sports officials to withdraw from public events that would inevitably draw large crowds and potentially expose more people to the virus.
In New York, Mayor-elect Eric Adams, who was hoping to buck tradition by holding his inauguration on Jan. 1 inside of a historical Brooklyn theater rather than on the steps of City Hall, is now postponing the event. "All I need is a mattress and a floor to execute being the mayor of the City of New York," Adams said. "I don't need an inauguration," he said, adding that it would be best "if we forgo an inauguration because we don't want to put people in a dangerous environment."
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