'A recipe for absolute destruction': Democrats scramble to avoid electoral blowback after Manchin halts Biden agenda

It's exactly the scenario Democrats had worked for months to avoid -- but now find themselves confronting. Vulnerable members were forced to cast a tough vote in an already daunting election year. And now, they are left with nothing to show for it.
With Sen. Joe Manchin effectively wielding a veto over President Joe Biden's agenda, House Democrats are now fuming at the prospects that their vote last month to pass the Build Back Better bill will be all for naught, having made scores of promises to voters only to have them all go unfulfilled. And Democrats in difficult races are calling on Manchin to return to the negotiating table and for their party's leaders to recalibrate their strategy to find some way to pass individual pieces of the $1.75 trillion proposal, even though doing that would require sign off from Manchin and would force them to replay the party infighting that has dogged Biden in his first year in office.
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