8 Best Malware Removal Software You Can Use

The online world is full of threats. Any website can be infected and before you know it, the same files are now on your system corrupting your data. While the in-built Windows Defender comes into use, it doesn’t protect your computer completely. Thankfully, there is a host of Malware Removal Software designed to combat this exact problem. For your safety online and offline, we have curated a list of the 8 Best Malware Removal Software that are sure to help ensure your security and privacy.

You might find yourself confused between whether you want anti-virus software or anti-malware. To boil it down for you, anti-virus software used to focus on older viruses while anti-malware watches out for new advanced malware. However, as time has passed, most anti-virus companies have started providing anti-malware removal along with their software.

While you can go for strictly anti-malware for peace of mind and you’ll be safe, you might miss out on features of other software providers that come at the same cost. However, for the sake of clarity, I have divided this article between anti-malware tools and software that offer more.

Security scanning on Malwarebytes is focused specifically on blocking out different types of malware like keyloggers, Spyware, viruses, rootkits and even Ransomware which is extremely useful.
Malware blocking in Malwarebytes is extremely quick. The software moves the flagged malware/virus into the quarantine zone where you can decide what to do with it. There were times when Malwarebytes blocked the things I needed, but I could easily restore them. Surprisingly though, the software initially required a whopping 93% of my computers resources. Malwarebytes also monitors website traffic and blocks access to websites that may be designed for malicious purposes.

Every new user gets a 14-day Premium trial which offers real-time protection (Email required), URL protection and stronger Ransomware blocking. However, a big caveat is when the two weeks run out, you’ll be left with a basic version. Real-time protection will be turned off so make sure to set reminders to do it yourself. However, the virus and malware definitions are regularly updated so you’ll always have the latest dataset.

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