Vue.js 3 By Example PDF

Vue.js 3 By Example book PDF
Vue.js 3 By Example PDF
eBook: Vue.js 3 By Example: Blueprints to learn Vue web development, full-stack development, and cross-platform development quickly pdf by John Au-Yeung

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This book will help you understand how you can leverage Vue effectively to develop impressive apps quickly using its latest version – Vue 3.0. The book takes an example-based approach to help you get to grips with the basics of Vue 3 and create a simple application by exploring features such as components and directives. You'll then enhance your app building skills by learning how to test the app with Jest and Vue Test Utils. As you advance, you'll understand how to write non-web apps with Vue 3, create cross-platform desktop apps with the Electron plugin, and build a multi-purpose mobile app with Vue and Ionic. You can download Vue.js 3 book pdf from the below given link.

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November 22, 2021


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