Rust For Rustaceans PDF

Rust For Rustaceans PDF
Rust For Rustaceans Free PDF
eBook: Rust for Rustaceans: Idiomatic Programming for Experienced Developers PDF by Jon Gjengset

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About This Premium eBook:

For developers who’ve mastered the basics, this book is the next step on your way to professional-level programming in Rust. It covers everything you need to build and maintain larger code bases, write powerful and flexible applications and libraries, and confidently expand the scope and complexity of your projects. 

Author Jon Gjengset takes you deep into the Rust programming language, dissecting core topics like ownership, traits, concurrency, and unsafe code. You’ll explore key concepts like type layout and trait coherence, delve into the inner workings of concurrent programming and asynchrony with async/await, and take a tour of the world of no_std programming. Gjengset also provides expert guidance on API design, testing strategies, and error handling, and will help develop your understanding of foreign function interfaces, object safety, procedural macros, and much more. So what are you waiting for now? Download Rust for rustaceans pdf from the below given link.

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November 22, 2021


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