TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook PDF

TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook PDF
TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook PDF Free Download
eBook: TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook PDF : Over 50 recipes to help you build, train, and deploy learning agents for real-world applications by Praveen Palanisamy

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Starting with an introduction to the fundamentals of deep reinforcement learning and TensorFlow 2.x, the book covers OpenAI Gym, model-based RL, model-free RL, and how to develop basic agents. You'll discover how to implement advanced deep reinforcement learning algorithms such as actor-critic, deep deterministic policy gradients, deep-Q networks, proximal policy optimization, and deep recurrent Q-networks for training your RL agents. As you advance, you'll explore the applications of reinforcement learning by building cryptocurrency trading agents, stock/share trading agents, and intelligent agents for automating task completion. 

Finally, you'll find out how to deploy deep reinforcement learning agents to the cloud and build cross-platform apps using TensorFlow 2.x. By the end of this TensorFlow book, you'll have gained a solid understanding of deep reinforcement learning algorithms and their implementations from scratch. TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook pdf github is curated from premium computer books downloading websites. So, what are you waiting for? Download free pdf from the below given link.

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August 31, 2021


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