Statistical Foundations of Data Science PDF

Statistical Foundations of Data Science PDF
Statistical Foundations of Data Science PDF
eBook: Statistical Foundations of Data Science PDF by Hui Zou, Cun-Hui Zhang, Runze Li, Jianqing Fan

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Statistical Foundations of Data Science gives a thorough introduction to commonly used statistical models, contemporary statistical machine learning techniques and algorithms, along with their mathematical insights and statistical theories. It aims to serve as a graduate-level textbook and a research monograph on high-dimensional statistics, sparsity and covariance learning, machine learning, and statistical inference. It includes ample exercises that involve both theoretical studies as well as empirical applications. 

The book also provides a comprehensive account on high-dimensional covariance estimation, learning latent factors and hidden structures, as well as their applications to statistical estimation, inference, prediction and machine learning problems. It also introduces thoroughly statistical machine learning theory and methods for classification, clustering, and prediction. These include CART, random forests, boosting, support vector machines, clustering algorithms, sparse PCA, and deep learning. Curated from reddit, github and we, download free pdf from the below given link.

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