Learn Python Visually PDF Free Download

Learn Python Visually PDF Free Download
Learn Python Visually PDF Free Download
eBook: No Starch Learn Python Visually Creative Coding With Processing.py PDF by Tristan Bunn

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This beginners book introduces non-programmers to the fundamentals of computer coding within a visual, arts-focused context. Tristan Bunn’s remarkably effective teaching approach is designed to help you visualize core programming concepts while you make cool pictures, animations, and simulations using Python Mode for the open-source Processing development environment. 

Right from the first chapter, you'll produce and manipulate colorful drawings, shapes and patterns as Bunn walks you through a series of easy-to-follow graphical coding projects that grow increasingly complex. You’ll go from drawing with code to animating a bouncing DVD screensaver and practicing data-visualization techniques. Along the way, you’ll encounter creative-yet-practical skill-building challenges that relate to everything from video games, cars, and coffee, to fine art, amoebas, and Pink Floyd. Download free pdf github in one click.

As you grow more fluent in both Python and programming in general, topics shift toward the mastery of algorithmic thinking, as you explore periodic motion, Lissajous curves, and using classes to create objects. 

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August 31, 2021


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