Grokking Machine Learning PDF

Grokking Machine Learning PDF
Grokking Machine Learning
eBook: Grokking Machine Learning PDF by Luis Serrano

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It's time to dispel the myth that machine learning is difficult. Grokking Machine Learning teaches you how to apply ML to your projects using only standard Python code and high school-level math. No specialist knowledge is required to tackle the hands-on exercises using readily-available machine learning tools! 

In grokking machine learning pdf github, expert machine learning engineer Luis Serrano introduces the most valuable ML techniques and teaches you how to make them work for you. Practical examples illustrate each new concept to ensure you’re grokking as you go. You’ll build models for spam detection, language analysis, and image recognition as you lock in each carefully-selected skill. Packed with easy-to-follow Python-based exercises and mini-projects, this book sets you on the path to becoming a machine learning expert. The eBook is curated from reddit, github and the web. So, without waiting for a second, download free manning pdf from the below given link.

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August 29, 2021


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