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Deep learning A Visual Approach PDF
Deep learning A Visual Approach PDF
eBook:  Deep learning A Visual Approach PDF by Andrew Glassner

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Deep Learning: A Visual Approach is for anyone who wants to understand this fascinating field in depth, but without any of the advanced math and programming usually required to grasp its internals. If you want to know how these tools work, and use them yourself, the answers are all within these pages. And, if you're ready to write your own programs, there are also plenty of supplemental Python notebooks in the accompanying Github repository to get you going. 

The book's conversational style, extensive color illustrations, illuminating analogies, and real-world examples expertly explain the key concepts in deep learning, including: 

- How text generators create novel stories and articles 

- How deep learning systems learn to play and win at human games 

- How image classification systems identify objects or people in a photo 

- How to think about probabilities in a way that's useful to everyday life 

- How to use the machine learning techniques that form the core of modern AI

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August 31, 2021


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