JavaScript for Data Science PDF

JavaScript for Data Science PDF
JavaScript for Data Science PDF
eBook: JavaScript for Data Science PDF (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Science Series) by Greg Wilson, Maya Gans, and Toby Hodges

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About This Premium eBook:

This book will introduce you to JavaScript's power and idiosyncrasies and guide you through the key features of the language and its tools and libraries. The book places equal focus on client- and server-side programming, and shows readers how to create interactive web content, build and test data services, and visualize data in the browser. 

Topics include: 

- The core features of modern JavaScript 
- Creating templated web pages 
- Making those pages interactive using React 
- Data visualization using Vega-Lite 
- Using Data-Forge to wrangle tabular data 
- Building a data service with Express 
- Unit testing with Mocha

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November 02, 2020


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