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javascript: the definitive guide 7th edition pdf github
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 7th Edition PDF Github
eBook: JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 7th Edition PDF by David Flanagan

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The seventh edition of JavaScript the definitive guide is fully updated to cover the 2020 version of JavaScript, and new chapters cover classes, modules, iterators, generators, Promises, async/await, and metaprogramming. You'll find illuminating and engaging example code throughout. This book is for programmers who want to learn JavaScript and for web developers who want to take their understanding and mastery to the next level. It begins by explaining the JavaScript language itself, in detail, from the bottom up. It then builds on that foundation to cover the web platform and Node.js. 

Topics include: 

Types, values, variables, expressions, operators, statements, objects, and arrays Functions, classes, modules, iterators, generators, Promises, and async/await JavaScript's standard library: data structures, regular expressions, JSON, i18n, etc. The web platform: documents, components, graphics, networking, storage, and threads Node.js: buffers, files, streams, threads, child processes, web clients, and web servers Tools and language extensions that professional JavaScript developers rely on.

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November 04, 2020


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