React in Action Manning PDF Free Download

React in Action Manning PDF Free Download
React in Action Manning PDF Free Download
eBook: React in Action by Mark Tielens Thomas

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React in Action introduces front-end developers to the React framework and related tools. This clearly written, the example-rich book begins by introducing you to React, diving into some of the fundamental ideas in React, and working with components. In the second section, you'll explore the different ways that data works in React as well as learning more about components. You'll also find several useful appendixes covering related topics like React tooling and the React ecosystem. 

React in Action teaches you to think like a pro about user interfaces and building them with React. This practical book gets you up and running quickly with hands-on examples in every chapter. You'll master core topics like rendering, lifecycle methods, JSX, data flow, forms, routing, integrating with third-party libraries, and testing. And the included application design ideas will help make your apps pop. As you learn to integrate React into full-stack applications, you'll explore state management with Redux and server-side rendering, and even dabble in React Native for mobile UIs.

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