Rapid development Steve McConnell PDF Free Download

Rapid development Steve McConnell PDF Free Download
Rapid development Steve McConnell PDF
eBook: Rapid development PDF by Steve McConnell

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A fundamental software engineering project management guide based on the practical requirements of "Taming Wild Software Schedules". Emphasizes possible, realistic and "best practice" approaches for managers, technical leads and self-managed teams. 

The author emphasizes efficient development concepts with an examination of rapid development strategies and a study of classic mistakes, within the context of software-development fundamentals and risk management. Dissects the core issues of rapid development, lifecycle planning, estimation and scheduling. 

Contains very good and practical discussions of customer-oriented development, motivation and teamwork. Explains such fundamental requirements as team structure, feature-set control (the dreaded feature creep in every project), availability and use of productivity tools and project recovery options. 

Relevant case studies are analyzed and discussed within the context of specific software development problems. Over 200 pages in this publication are devoted to a summary of best practices, everything from the daily build and smoke test, through prototyping, model selection, measurement, reuse, and the top-10 risks list.

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