[DOWNLOAD] Mastering Large Datasets with Python PDF

Mastering Large Datasets with Python PDF
Mastering Large Datasets with Python PDF
eBook: Mastering Large Datasets with Python: Parallelize and Distribute Your Python Code PDF by John T Wolohan

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Modern data science solutions need to be clean, easy to read, and scalable. In Mastering Large Datasets with Python, author J.T. Wolohan teaches you how to take a small project and scale it up using a functionally influenced approach to Python coding. You’ll explore methods and built-in Python tools that lend themselves to clarity and scalability, like the high-performing parallelism method, as well as distributed technologies that allow for high data throughput. The abundant hands-on exercises in this practical tutorial will lock in these essential skills for any large-scale data science project. 

Mastering Large Datasets with Python teaches you to write code that can handle datasets of any size. You’ll start with laptop-sized datasets that teach you to parallelize data analysis by breaking large tasks into smaller ones that can run simultaneously. You’ll then scale those same programs to industrial-sized datasets on a cluster of cloud servers. With the map and reduce paradigm firmly in place, you’ll explore tools like Hadoop and PySpark to efficiently process massive distributed datasets, speed up decision-making with machine learning, and simplify your data storage with AWS S3.

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October 30, 2020


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