effective python (2nd edition (pdf github))

eBook: Effective Python: 90 Specific Ways to Write Better Python, 2nd Edition Pdf by Brett Slatkin

About This Premium eBook:

This second edition of Effective Python will help you master a truly “Pythonic” approach to programming, harnessing Python’s full power to write exceptionally robust and well-performing code. Using the concise, scenario-driven style pioneered in Scott Meyers’ best-selling Effective C++, Brett Slatkin brings together 90 Python best practices, tips, and shortcuts, and explains them with realistic code examples so that you can embrace Python with confidence.

You’ll understand the best way to accomplish key tasks so you can write code that’s easier to understand, maintain, and improve. In addition to even more advice, this new edition substantially revises all items from the first edition to reflect how best practices have evolved.

Effective Python will prepare growing programmers to make a big impact using Python.

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